Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the key critical success factors, embedded within our strategy for growth. The integration of CSR practices is reflective of our approach to shared value. This means that when our business grows, success should be shared with all our key stakeholders including the communities within which we operate.


FCSSL is committed to contributing towards the reduction of our carbon footprint through the implementation of various eco-friendly practices throughout business operations. These practices include the adoption of a paperless system and e-signatures to achieve near “ZERO” paper consumption in processing banking transactions, encouraging employees to use sustainable materials, and the promotion of electricity conservation. These efforts have led to a reduction in waste and a maximizing of the company’s environmental impact, while also fostering a culture of accountability among our employee franchise.


Staff engagement platforms remain an important element that enhance the workplace experience. In 2022, FCSSL established an internal ‘fun committee’, known as “The Concept Squad,” to promote a sense of community and create a more enjoyable working environment. The Committee’s primary focus was to encourage and foster collaboration across departments and facilitate team-building activities.

Partnerships are important to FCSSL and through Link to Life, a non-profit organization, a talk was organized to raise awareness and understanding of breast cancer among employees. This event contributed significantly to promoting health and wellness within the company whilst empowering staff with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.


Community Investment is important to FCSSL. Generous donations were made to “Couvent du Bon Secours de Belle Rose,” a convent that provides care to elderly residents and women facing various challenges, including physical and mental handicaps and health issues. These donations were used to purchase essential supplies for the residents, and staff members from each department volunteered their time to spend a half-day with them. FCSSL’s donations and volunteer efforts demonstrated the company’s commitment to social responsibility and helped foster a sense of community and shared responsibility.