Corporate Governance

FMB Capital Holdings plc has a unitary Board of Directors comprising a Non-executive Chairman, four Non-executive Directors and two Executive Directors. The Board is responsible for directing the affairs of the Group in the best interests of its shareholders, in conformity with legal and regulatory frameworks, and consistent with its constitution and best governance practices.

FMB Capital Holdings plc embraces and abides by the main principles of modern corporate governance and in particular, those principles set out in the guidance for holders of a Category 1 Global Business Licence in the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius and the Malawi Code II (Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance in Malawi).

The Board meets four times a year. There are adequate, efficient communication and monitoring systems in place to ensure that the Directors receive all relevant and accurate information to guide them in making necessary strategic decisions, and providing effective leadership, control and strategic direction over the Group’s operations, and ensuring that the Group fully complies with relevant legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.